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HP 2530-48G (J9772A) - Can't Login as manager after Firmware Update


I have a HP 2530-48G (J9772A) switch here with an old firmware (WB.15.13.0005). As mentioned in the release notes and forums there are problems with empty manager username and passwords - so I did set manager username to admin and set a password.

Then I followed the release notes and started to update to 15.18 then to 16.03.007. Now the Web GUI changed to the Aruba style and i can't Login as manager anymore.

Tryed it on the Web GUI with username manager/"set password", admin/set password". Then used clear button, did a full reset (push Reset+Clear same time). When connecting with the console Port via Putty i get the same result. Always logged in as operator.

Anyone an idea how to login as manager or get the secondary firmware back (15.18 did work fine)?



Who Me Too'd this topic