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Re: Add ILO accounts

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Add ILO accounts

I need to creat a local account to about 100 ILOs with minmal functions (like remote console and power), since our ILO is not on AD yet, I have to manually create them. The only method I can think of is to use HPONCFG to configure them one by one or log on the ILO and manually add the account. Either way, that is very time consuming, anyone have any ideas how I can script this and push it out? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Add ILO accounts

You can use CPQLOCFG.exe to do this. I am attaching the XML script to add user with this reply. For CPQLOCFG, you need to know the credentials for an existing Ilo user. You can do this from a remote machine.

You can download the utility from select ILO and softwares and drivers. Download Hp lights-out configuration utility.

The syntax will be as below. You can read the ILO user credentials from a file to generate the command line while sending the script.

cpqlocfg.exe -s [servername|ipaddress]|[:port] -l [logfilename] -f [input filename] -v -c -u [username] -p [password]
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Re: Add ILO accounts

Thanks alot, it worked great! Thanks again.