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How to deactivate iLO license via powershell?

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How to deactivate iLO license via powershell?

So the set-hpeilolicense does say it can be used to activate or deactivate the license. But as you are required to enter a key, is there a specific key you can use to deactivate the license?

I know I could use a XML command and the older invoke-hpiloribclcommand but I am trying to do this in more pure powershell. 

Trying to remove some licenses so OneView can apply the license from there.



Re: How to deactivate iLO license via powershell?


Correct way of removing license is to assign empty strings for the Set-HPEiLOLicense -Key parameter. But due to a bug you can't assign empty string or null at present but it will be fixed in next release. 

Workaround is you can set the iLO to factory settings which will bring back the system to standard license state. But factory settings will wipe out the iLO configurations which you need to bring it back later.




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Re: How to deactivate iLO license via powershell?

Another workaround is to have an old version of HPIloCmdlets ( for example) where you can invoke an XML file that has the "Deactivate" command inside of it.

The new versions of HPEILOCmdlets dont' support the invoke-XML method anymore, but that's why I have an old version always installed as well.  The XML invoking is very handy sometimes.