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iLO4 version of Get-HPEiLOServerSoftwareInventory?

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iLO4 version of Get-HPEiLOServerSoftwareInventory?

I would like to know if there is an iLO4 version of the Get-HPEiLOServerSoftwareInventory cmdlet. I would love for this to work on iLO4 since I am tasked to inventory server software for some Gen8's. It is the perfect cmdlet to get this information but the feature is unsupported! A manual process is just too painful.

Is there an alternate method to get the same information but for iLO4?


Re: iLO4 version of Get-HPEiLOServerSoftwareInventory?


Greetings from HPE !! 

Please help us to understand the query in detail. Also clarify if you are using or reffering to RESTAPI in your question. 

If further assistance needed I urge you to please log a case with HPE Support team with the exact details of the steps involved in querying inventory along with relevant sanpshot 



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