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HPEiLoCmdlets - Install issue

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HPEiLoCmdlets - Install issue

Hello All,

I've downloaded the latest version of the HPiLoCmdlets from the link below:

After verifying the requirements are in place and installing per the document, attempting to list the available commands per the manual  - 

Help for usage of the HPiLOCmdlets is included as with other modules installed on your system. If you want to see a complete list of the HPiLOCmdlets after installation, in PowerShell type:
help *hpilo*

I get nothing from the help command.

PS C:\HPiLOCmdlets> help *hpilo*
PS C:\HPiLOCmdlets>

I've tried this on a W2K16 system with the same results. Thanks.






Trusted Contributor

Re: HPiLoCmdlets - Install issue

Download the latest Cmdlets here: or

And then use this command to see available cmdlets:


Get-Command -Module HPEiLOCmdlets



Good luck! 

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Re: HPiLoCmdlets - Install issue

That worked great. Thank you.