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LO100i DL145g3 static IP - doesnt work

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LO100i DL145g3 static IP - doesnt work

I have a Proliant DL-145g3. I have setup lo100i at my lab using dhcp. In this configuration i was able to see the web interface and ping the IP. Once i carried the newly tested server to our data center i wanted to switch it to STATIC addressing. I have the following settings set.

But static mode does not work at all. I cannot ping the ip, nor get to the web interface from the same segment(same switch). I have swapped ports. Swapped cables. I have even plugged in a reverse cable to a laptop to make sure it was autonegotiating. Both in the Lab and Data center we use 10/100mbit switches. This is NOT a typo as i have tried it multiple times, and had 3 other colleagues check my work. I have updated the bios and the IPMI/BMC to 2.21 ROMPAQ.

Is this a bug in the bios gui?
Does Static mode just not work?
I dont see any reason why i cannot have a subnet. What am i doing wrong. PLEASE HELP!

I have setup numerous remote configurations and on the surface this looks very easy. But it just doesn't work.
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Re: LO100i DL145g3 static IP - doesnt work


were you able to fix that issue?

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: LO100i DL145g3 static IP - doesnt work

Yes, apparently the hp setup document says to set ipmi to UMP, but that is wrong. you need to set it to NIC.