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new mainboard and ilo does not ping


new mainboard and ilo does not ping

Dear all,
We have Proliant DL-380 G4 server. We changed the mainboard because of some reasons. But when we changed the mainboard, iLO or network connection is not established. I also configured ip addresses... of iLO by using F8 while rebooting.
I don't know the reason of it. but i thought that i should be about iLO firmware upgrade,is it? Are there any necessary upgrade for new mainboards or what else it could be?
Thanks in advance,
Best Regards,

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Re: new mainboard and ilo does not ping

Here are some suggestions:

Check the iLO network port. The LEDs indicate link and activity. If neither LED is lit, then you need to troubleshoot your network.

After altering iLO network parameters in iLO RBSU, iLO must be reset in order for those changes to take effect. iLO resets when you exit RBSU, and should be up and running in a minute with the new parameters.

Flush the ARP cache in your client machine. It may associate the network address with a different MAC. Or try contacting the machine using DNS name instead of IP.

Configure iLO as a DHCP client in iLO RBSU. After saving the changes, exiting, and resetting, reboot the host. During POST, iLO displays the acquired network address. Then connect to this address.

Re: new mainboard and ilo does not ping

Hi acartes,

Thxs for your reply. But i had tried all of your suggestions. Nothing was changed. HP support will come and change the board again. We will see the changings next week.

Thanks in advance and best regards;