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Configuring HP SIM to send email HP support team ?

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Configuring HP SIM to send email HP support team ?

Can anyone please assist me in locating the HP SIM setting which send the email alert into HP Support team?


The problem that I’m having is that my company do not use HP Mission Critical to do the Hardware support but the old HP SIM was still configured by the previous contractor to send alert and event to HP, this has caused confusion and unwanted call outside the office hours.

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Re: Configuring HP SIM to send email HP support team ?

Are you using insight remote support advanced (IRSA)?   If so, you can disable this easily by going to the System Event Analyzer page and disabling HP Remote Support Notification for now... you can also remove the component completly, but Insight Remote Standard is free so you may as well leave it installed if you plan to use it again in the future.



To get emails on events in SIM, you must configure an Event Handler based on collections so you get notified.  The section in the User Guide does a pretty good job of explaining this.  By default, the Critical and Major event collection is a good one to start with..  Create an Event Handler based on this event collection, and also one of your system collections (create one  you like with the servers  you need to be notified on) and you will get the events in email.   


We are using IRSA so the events that to go HP also come to us in email (and Remedy) so we have an internal ticket/email (also, just in case HP does not get the event, which happens once in a while - plus you may want some events that HP would never take action on - like temperature events).


So, I have an Event Handler based on a system collection, and an event collection:


- System: HP Servers

- Event: Critical and Major


So, if there is an event that is critical/major, and the system is an HP server, an email comes to us internally.  You can get pretty creative on these..


Hope this helps..



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Re: Configuring HP SIM to send email HP support team ?

IRS is what you are looking for. Also, support is dependent on contract arrangements.

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