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Virtual Connect Domain SNMP minor issue

Occasional Contributor

Virtual Connect Domain SNMP minor issue

I am using HP SIM 7.0 to monitor twp Virtual Connect Domains that continually show a minor error. The error is "There is a minor problem causing limited interference."

I cannot find anywhere that I can clear the error.


It is a new install of HP SIM 7.0 and both monitored Virtual Connect Domains are showing as minor error.

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Re: Virtual Connect Domain SNMP minor issue

What does the VC web interface say the status is?

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Re: Virtual Connect Domain SNMP minor issue

Daniel, you should click on that yellow warning icon and check, what is the cause of warning. Rediscover both domains and check the discovery log for any hints.


To clear this error you should delete events logs for those VC domains.


Reboot of the HP SIM server might help, too :)


Re: Virtual Connect Domain SNMP minor issue

Hello colleagues,


I have a similar related problem, I don't get a health status at all, I only see the blue question mark in the SIM context when I open VC Domain Collection or VC Group Collection. In the word document of the first blog entry I see the yellow minor status, and I wonder how you got the health status activated at all. I have one VC Group and in there 2 VC Domains.

I have also VCEM as SIM Plugin in place, are there any other steps needed apart from OA discoveries?

VCM reports status correctly and active to VCEM, but in SIM (VC Collection) stays the question mark meaning "unknown". 


Would like to see also health status of VC in SIM so that I get proactively informed and not have to check regularly VCEM for its status and if everything is green.