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HP SIM in system managed

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HP SIM in system managed


I've installed the HP SIM in one HP proliant DL 380 G5 windows 2003 server.
Now , i want to manage 4 others HP proliant DL 380 G5 wondows 2003 servers. one of them
has a virtual machine run into it (microsoft virtual server 2005 R2).
when I run the discovery options and specifiying the ip adress for the 5 servers
including the virtual machine :
- the node "all sysytems" show the all servers with "unmanaged" for 2 servers and the VM machine.
and the status "server" for the first server where the hp sim is installed
- the node "all servers" shows only the server where the hp sim is installed

- 2 other servers aren't shown anywhere.

should I install some software or do some configurations in the servers marked as "unmanaged"?
where from can i download the needed softaware for the managed servers ?
why the 2 others servers aren't detected by the discovery even though i can ping them from the server with HP SIM ?
can HP SIM permit me to have a graphical report for cpu and memory covering one week ?

thank you
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Re: HP SIM in system managed

Servers are typically identified using SNMP. You need a Read Only community name that the HP SIM server has access to (i.e. it's an allowed host). depends on how the servers were built as to whether they have snmp on them or not.
For HP Servers, if you built them using smart start then you should have snmp and the Proliant Support Pack (PSP) that allows hardware monitoring. If not download the entire PSP and install that.

Go to, go to the reference library and download the technical guide. Also search this forum, these questions have been asked and answered before.

for software go to, select the support and drivers and work your way through the options.
No HPSIM doesn't have a way of showing that kind of performance graph. It's primary focus is hardware monitoring and maintenance. the add-on product PMP provides some graphical cpu reports. etc.
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Re: HP SIM in system managed

thanks ROB.
things are now clarified.
I did what you advise me : some searching ,some reading , downloading and installing the PSP software in the mamnaged servers.
moreover, I use the configure and repair from the HP sim to configure the SNMP setting in the managed server.
Now, they all marked as server status.
I configured the cpu ,hard drive and memory treshold setting frim the management home page in each managed server.
I think that HP SIM request these informations from both SNMP agent and HP management page from each managed server and then notified network administrator using the task I created from the automatic task handling under events menu (HP sim)

thanks ROB
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Re: HP SIM in system managed

the reason i closed this thread is explained in my reply