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SIM reports 'System is unreachable'

Occasional Advisor

SIM reports 'System is unreachable'

We have a new server that's just been put into the environment (ML310 G5p).

SIM constantly reports messages that the 'System is unreachable' and then 'System is reachable' again some time later. This has been normal behaviour for this specific server since it has been built and discovered into SIM.

We have no other servers that I am aware currently doing the same thing. Have checked logs on the server and there's nothing in the Windows/IML logs that correlates to these messages.

The server doesn't loose network connectivity at those times otherwise our EMS would pick it up and flick out an alert.

Seems like it's just SIM maybe timing out when communicating with the server.

Any ideas on what could be causing this behaviour?
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM reports 'System is unreachable'

It's SIM that polls the server using snmp & ping.
Slow or busy networks can cause some time outs. You can change the ping and snmp time out parameters, click on the server name -> Tools & Links -> System protocols.
Look at waht else may be happening at the same time, e.g. backups?