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HP SMH - Setting thresholds using the command line

Honored Contributor

HP SMH - Setting thresholds using the command line

Hey guys,
I needed to batch set the thresholds for 'Logical Disk Busy' time and wanted to do it via a script. The problem with doing it in SIM is using a replicate agent settings or the like is that different servers have different numbers of logical disks etc.

I had a look at the applet that the SMH uses and noticed that this submits threshold information entered to a .php file. Examining the .php files lead me to the .exe that is actually used to set the thresholds, namely, 'C:\hp\hpsmh\data\smhutil\csginkgo.exe'. This application takes a text file as imput i.e.

C:\hp\hpsmh\data\smhutil\csginkgo.exe -freset_all.txt

Now, the txt file has this format from what i can tell (and it unicode i think also!)

.<# indicating which disk to set> .<# indicating which disk to set> setleaf

i.e. (wrapped text!)
. . setleaf 10
. . setleaf 40

Would set a warning of 10 and a critical of 40.

Very useful! :)
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