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HPSIM 6.3 polling ILO trough our proxy

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HPSIM 6.3 polling ILO trough our proxy



I use an HPSIM 6.3 system to deal with around 150 HP servers, 17 of them are ESX or ESXi. I installed HP Insight for VCenter 6.2.1 (only the server part, as we don't have HP storage here) on the server + HP Remote support 5.6, and also the HP repository. This all run on a DL 380 G4 running Windows 2008 64 bits (not R2).

This runs fairly well, but with some 'small' troubles (as you can imagine, if I write here !)

One problem : To access internet, we have to go trough a proxy server. But some http/https polling to the ilo board also go trough the proxy and fail because of that.

I wans't able to dertermine witch part of the Insight suite is causing that, but the software states that it is a python 2.6 client.

I think I only found python 2.6 in the 'insight Control for Vcenter' part.

Am I correct saying that the python part is related to the vcenter part ? Also, is there a way to tune the proxy part (mainly to say that RFC1918 addresss shouln'd go trough the proxy) ?


Any other ideas ?