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Insight with ESX - VM with multiple network

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Insight with ESX - VM with multiple network

Hye all,

we are using ESX 3.5 U5 on our infrastructure. The monitoring is done using Insight.

Our VM are cluster node, so using 2 networks. The monitoring is done over the public network.

When we do a dyscovery with insight the VM are recognized and associated with the ESX Server, but the IP@ is the private one (maybe because de first vswitch is the vmConsole/private network one?). We have some non-cluster related VM which are correctly discovered (ie. on the right network)

therefore, we cannot monitor our VM without manually redeclaring the VM ...

Does anyone know either how to conigure the discovery process for the VM so that the correc IP is discovered or to change the IP adress under insight after the discovery ?


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Re: Insight with ESX - VM with multiple network

You could try adding entries into the Discovery Exclusion list. I've used that on some servers where multiple networks have confused HP SIM.