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Proactive Monitoring of a FC SAN Attached HP MSA 1000 Disk Array

Occasional Advisor

Proactive Monitoring of a FC SAN Attached HP MSA 1000 Disk Array

Hi Guys,


I need some advice...


I have three fibre channel attached HP MSA 1000 disk arrays. Two of these devices provide LUN's to a collection of VMWare servers and the other provides a single LUN to three different physical Windows servers.


We also have a fourth Windows server that has visibility of all three disk arrays and  we use that to configure the LUN's using the HP Raid configuration utility.


I want to know how I can proactively monitor these three devices and in particular receive alerts when disks fail.


I have been advised that HP Insight Manager should work with the respective agent residing on the Windows server that we use to manage and configure disks in the array. However, Im not sure as this server only has management access to the servers and does not use the disks locally itself.


Also, the fourth management server is not a HP server, it is a Dell. Not sure if this limits my options.


I'd appreciate any comments as these disks provide a critical service and I urgently need to monitor them.