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RPC Service fail and HPCS.exe flooding connections

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RPC Service fail and HPCS.exe flooding connections

Hi, I am running two different instances of Systems Insight Manager that are both having the same problem. They are Win 2008 R2 servers with external MS SQL 2008 databases. They are both regularly flooding all connections from the hpcs.exe service (HP Common Service). This leads to the RPC service failing and the servers being unable to connect to the domain controllers. This causes the web interfaces to be uncontactable. The way I fix this is to restart the hpcs.exe service, and then reboot the servers. This clears all connections and allows RPC to connect.

I am unable to determine why, or stop the hpcs service from flooding all of the connections. Does anyone have a solution the can offer?

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Re: RPC Service fail and HPCS.exe flooding connections

I have the exact same problem, very annoying.


HPCS.exe was using 1,1Gig memory. I've set windows system resource manager to kill the process when it exceeds 200 meg memory (it uses <100 when started) and set the service to automatically restart. Not a pretty solution but it should work.