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SSH authentication problems with SIM 5.3 on hpux 11.31

Occasional Contributor

SSH authentication problems with SIM 5.3 on hpux 11.31


we have a common problem regarding multiple Agents in a pure hpux-11.31 environment.

VSE-Agents can be installed, the outcome is 'SUCCESS', but any action (e. g. deploying SRDs) fails with ssh access errors. CMS is on hpux-11-31/blade (no SG, no virtualisation), and ssh access on a shell prompt works as user root in both directions between CMS/Agent, and on both lans (multihomed setup, 1 admin lan, 1 user access lan).

When running the diag tool as root or from the corresponding SIM menu, the following output is produced:

vseassist -l --use-mxtargets -n host999
Version A.

Managed System hostname resolution [ PASS ]
WBEM port open
WBEM authentication [PASS]
SSH port open [PASS]
SSH authentication: [FAIL]

ISSUE: The command mxecec, which uses SSH authentication to communicate with the managed system failed to execute.
RESOLUTION: View the vseassist log file or execute the"/opt/mx/bin/mxexec -t -ls -A /tmp -n host999
Ensure that ssh keys have been exchanged successfully between the CMS and the managed system....


Manually setting up login credentials from the Menu (login:root/pw: ) for the agents in question does not change behavior.

Any inputs will be welcome.