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Re: SUM force reboot

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Super Advisor

SUM force reboot

we are starting to use system update manager for a lot of our firmware deoplyments to the blades.

however i have noticed if you request a reboot after an update or if there is one requierd it dose not happen if one or more components fail

is there a way to force it to reboot even if a component fails to instal?

Honored Contributor

Re: SUM force reboot

The design of HPSUM is such that we never allow a reboot to occur if a failure happens. Since we don't know the severity of a failure and the repercussions that could happen when a failure occurs, we will always prevent a reboot. As an example, if the iLO firmware fails and a server is rebooted, the blade may not even be able to power on. Thus, we feel it is safer to prevent a reboot until someone can look at the failure.

Michael Garner
HPSUM Architect
Super Advisor

Re: SUM force reboot

Hi Michael

thanks for the response, As some one that is trying to use SUM for a mass deployment, this could leave us in the situation were we may have to manualy reboot a lot of servers.

and as when an install fails we get the message of what install fails, would it be possible to put a reboot button on the failure page, so once you have checked out the failure if it is nothing to bad you can proced with the reboot?

many thanks