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SysMgmtWeb Login in browser fails


SysMgmtWeb Login in browser fails

Login to System Management Homepage via web browser fails.  Error on web page is, "ERROR: Username and password do not match".  Smh.log shows, "WARNING LOG (severity=1) Mon Nov 14 14:53:53 2016
User:root from was DENIED access to System Management Homepage".  The IP shown is my laptop IP.

I shutdown smh, changed root password and then restarted smh as follows:

1.  /opt/hpsmh/lbin/hpsmh stop

2.  Manually killed smhstartd

3.  /opt/hpsmh/lbin/hpsmh start

4.  /opt/hpsmh/lbin/hpsmh autostart

Runnins the following version:  SysMgmtWeb A.

Server is a BL860c i4 running HPUX 11.31

I have used sysmgmtweb on this server before.  Suddenly it does not work.

I have tried IE 11.0.9600.18499 and Google Chrome version 54 with no luck.

What am I missing?

- Burk