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System Insight Manager admin question

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System Insight Manager admin question

In previous versions of HP SIM, admin rights were required to grant “add/delete systems” actions to operators. Is this still the case?
This will become a frequent question when there are deployments of SIM with windows, linux, hpux, etc hosts and will have various people needing access to system insight manager. Will they need to have admin access?
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Re: System Insight Manager admin question

We're on 5.1, but I expect the same functionality exists in 5.2 and 5.3 as well.

We have defined a custom operator task which anyone that is granted access to that task/tool can run. The task runs the command MXNODE -R %1 on the CMS server using a set of credentials with access to delete systems.

We have autodiscovery enabled so we have no task to add systems but I assume you could do the same using MXNODE -A %1

Mind however, this is not perfect, anyone with operator access may this way still delete machines this way, so you may want to verify this is secure enough for your environment, possibly also combining it with some kind of restrictions on which hosts a user can see.

But it's an idea which if you find it promising you could maybe work something more out of.