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BlueCat DNS Director

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BlueCat DNS Director

Welcome to the BlueCat DNS Director user community.


Thank you for installing DNS Director. Designed for the HP VAN SDN Controller, this free, community-supported SDN App provides central DNS security, globally delivered.


This forum provides a place for you to ask questions and quickly and easily get the support and information you need to make the most of DNS Director. We look forward to hearing your user experiences about what SDN, DNS Director and DNS/DHCP and IP Address Management can do for your business.


Helpful Links to Get Started:


Below are some tips to help get the best possible responses in the forum:

  • Quick Link to the SDN Forum – com/networking/sdnforum
  • Search before Posting – Use the "Search" box to see if someone has already asked and answered your question.
  • Use the Community, Not Email – This way others can contribute to and benefit from the answers.
  • Write Good Descriptive Titles – Put a short problem description in the title so it’s easier for others to identify.
  • Watch for Feedback – Subscribe to email (look for the Options menu next to the New Post button in each forum for the subscribe button) or RSS updates for your question and/or check your question frequently for responses. Answer promptly any requests for additional information.
  • Say “Thanks” – When you get an answer to your problem acknowledge the solution. If the answer is helpful mark it with "Kudos" by clicking on the kudos button. If your problem is solved then mark it as solved. This will help others with similar issues find the solution.