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Create Qos Queues for SDN controller to use

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Create Qos Queues for SDN controller to use

Hi, Community!

I have been tasked to create QoS queues on a HP 5130 switch. In particular, such queues must be able to limit the bandwitdh (e.g., min and max rate limit) rate and they must be available to the SDN-controller so that it can choose which "queue-id" to use/apply during a communication between two hosts.

After reading the ACL and QoS Command Reference, I see that I must perform these steps to configure the HP switch:

  • Create a QoS Classifier
  • Create a QoS Behavior
  • Create a QoS Policy using the QoS Classifier and QoS Behavior
  • Apply the QoS Policy to a interface (>>>>that is the step I have a question about)

How its possible to *not* apply a QoS queue to an interface in advance, and rather just make the queues available to be used by the controller? In other words, what I really need to do is to create, e.g., two queues (Q1=min of 5Mbps and max of 8Mbps; Q2=min and max of 2Mbs) and just let them available to the controller so that it can just "see" all the queue-ids, pick one and then apply it?

(ps.: any tips of how to create the two queues above properly and make their "queue-id's" visible to the SDN controller would be very, very aprecciated, cause I have been struggling to perform this task as well)



Re: Create Qos Queues for SDN controller to use

Hi Cesar,

Based on the lack of response here, it looks like you'll need to contact HPE support to get an answer to this question. Once you do receive an answer, if you could post it here I'm sure others would appreciate it :).


I am an HPE Employee
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Re: Create Qos Queues for SDN controller to use

Hi Cesar -

There's a couple of things that you can look at:

1. In the  ACL and QoS command reference guide (pg. 44 of 110), under Traffic behavior commands section, see Usage guidelines for car command:

  • Usage guidelines: To use two rates for traffic policing, configure the car command with the pir peak-information-rate option. To use one rate for traffic policing, configure the car command without the pir peak-information-rate option.  A QoS policy that uses the traffic behavior can be applied in either the inbound direction or outbound direction of an interface.  If you configure the car command multiple times in the same traffic behavior, the most recent configuration takes effect.

2. See GTS and rate limit commands section of the ACL and QoS configuration manual (pg. 72 of 110).  This section has a series of commands that can be used to apply QoS to an interface. 

Hope this helps you!

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Re: Create Qos Queues for SDN controller to use

Many, many Thanks for the help, Shaun e DLewis33.

I will look at the section DLewis33 recommended and as soon as I get a solution, I will post here.

Regards and thanks again.