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Real-world application of SDN with VAN


Real-world application of SDN with VAN


My colleague and I attended Atmosphere 2017 this year, and we gave a presentation about a real-world application we've been developing with SDN (and VAN, specifically). If you're interested, here is the video:


Re: Real-world application of SDN with VAN

For those who brought up the video, saw it was long, and then closed the window without watching ... I enjoyed the presentation.

If I could summarize: University of Kentucky used Aruba switches running OpenFlow to create a science DMZ without setting up a duplicate physical network, using OpenFlow as an overlay. They implemented their own VAN application which redirected science flows to INET2 and pushed NAT rules to an Aruba switch to accomplish NAT translations at 8.6Gbps (single port?). All of this work gave their science DMZ a performance increase of ~850% compared to their traditional network. Cool stuff!

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