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Command View for MSL6000

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Command View for MSL6000

can i use Command View with MSL6000 without NSR.

i have some problem detecting the MSL using Command View.

can someone point me the link to Command View MSL documentation.

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Re: Command View for MSL6000

Command view for MSL6000? I'm not aware of anything like this.
There is commandview for newer MSL (2024/4048... and bigger boxes like ESL/ESLe/EML), but not for MSL6000.

This box has a web interface called web interface, just connect to this IP.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Command View for MSL6000

the CV-TL can be used to manage also teh MSL6000 libraries, but the library is only listed, it is the starting point form managing the libraries, if you have several of them, you can make them appear in cv-tl.
When you click on the msl library in cv list, you will be redirected to the web interface tha is provided by the http server in the library itself.
so if you already have cv-tl, you can add the library. if you do not have cvtl, just point to the ip address of the msl (not the nSR) and you will have access to the remote management