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Error 1303 : TapeAlert

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Error 1303 : TapeAlert

I'm running TW 7SP7D -software and HP StorageWorks DAT72 -tape device on MS Srv 2003.
Lately my "Weekly Full2" -backup job have been failing with an error message: "ALERT: (none)
Error 1303 : TapeAlert - Critical - Media
Yhteinen - Weekly Full2
Dev- HP C7438A
Week Set2 4
Your data is at risk: 1. Copy any data you require from
this tape. 2. Do not use this tape again. 3. Restart
the operation with a different tape."
Prior to the problem we had been running "Weekly Full2" -job for about 6 months once a week without any problems. Prior to experiencing the problem we had not done any changes to our MS Srv 2003 -server (that we know of) sw or hw configurations, nor had done any changes to the backup job configuration.
I tried to fix the problem by replacing the tape with a new one, but that didn't help. Then I re-booted the server and run another backup job (Weekly Full1) and that completed without errors. After that I tried to run "Weekly Full2" -job again but that failed again with the error message above.
Could you help me, please?
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Re: Error 1303 : TapeAlert

Is this DAT72 SCSI connected?

It looks like SCSI string related.
If it is, I would recommend you to check SCSI connections and the terminator.