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Fault Code 0501 (Hard) Barcode Reader Not Detected


Fault Code 0501 (Hard) Barcode Reader Not Detected


MSL 6030 w/LTO3 drive - Master

MSL 6030 0 drive config - Slave


All with latest (5.20) firmware



"Fault Code 0501 (Hard) Barcode Reader Not Detected"


During a regular routine of cycling tapes in and out of the library, first cycling a tape out of both Mail Slot 0 (Master) and Mail Slot 1 (Slave) and cycled a tape back into Mail Slot 0 but we were hit with the above error while we tried, unsuccessfully, to cycle a tape back into Mail Slot 1


I understand that this will 95% lean toward hardware being the failure but wondered if there were any other scenarios that others had experienced a fix otherwise.


---More information---


Tried a scan with L&TT and could see library but not drive as per error in snapshot below.




 I will be going local and will see if there is any problems physically with the hardware or cabling.  There seems to be a disjoint in communication between the MSL and a NetBackup management server.  This may mean nothing as it was the MSL GUI that displayed the error mind you.




Following an intrusive look at the hardware and attempts at running several diagnostics it seems as though it is indeed a hardware issue.  The Slave library failed to initialize fully at startup, remaining hung at attempts to initialize the Barcode Reader, I was unable to run any diagnostics.  As the initialization failure of the Slave halted any use of the Master in the Master/Slave configuration I configured the Master back to a Standalone.  The Master works fine and atleast we will have some backups.   This enforces advice Torsten had provided, regarding a previous set of Stow Errors (link to Stow Error thread), that there is a hardware issue with the library.  Looks like opening a ticket with HP is the only path open at this time.  Unless someone has a magic bag they can lend.


I will update this thread with any information HP provides.





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Re: Fault Code 0501 (Hard) Barcode Reader Not Detected

Hello GNewton,


Did you find any solution to your problem?

I am experiencing the same problem on our tape drive...