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Firmware upgrade problem in MSL2024

New Member

Firmware upgrade problem in MSL2024

Dear Sir,
We had a problem with our recently purchased MSL2024 tape library while it does not load the inserted tape into the magazines.
We have upgrade the firmware from 3.7 to 4.4 but after upgrading we received a massage “BCR Failure code 80 01” and error LED on Device blinking.
In this case we can’t eject the magazines anymore.
We used Bridge firmware 1.9 again to eject the magazines but when we upgrade the device to 4.4 again we have same problem.
Can you provide us any compatible firmware to solve this problem?
Product Number: AH169A
SN: DEC81307BT
Regular Advisor

Re: Firmware upgrade problem in MSL2024

Hi Nima,
What u did for this error?