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HP Storage Works SDLT 320 dual 3U Rack mount Tape Drive

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HP Storage Works SDLT 320 dual 3U Rack mount Tape Drive

I have at work a 3U Dual HP StorageWorks SDLT 320 tape drive that is in the hp StorageWorks enclosure. But I am having issues connecting it to the server that is running Symanted backup software. The server I am running is a Dell Poweredge 2850 with the proper cord for the tape backup. The server does not see the tape backup at all when I plug it in. Any ideas? Tape backup is SCSI. Please HELP!
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Re: HP Storage Works SDLT 320 dual 3U Rack mount Tape Drive

Several possibilities.

The first thing I'd guess, is that external SCSI devices like tape drives are usually NOT hot-pluggable. If you are running a Windows-based OS, there is a *chance* that you can go to WIndows Device Manager, open Devices, scan for changes, and pick the tape drive up. This works sometimes, not others. If it does not work, check the things in the next paragraph. If none of them work, reboot the server with everything correctly connected.

Make sure you have both a supported host bus adapter (the SCSI card that is in your server), and the correct cable. Make sure that cable length is less than the maximum length for the SCSI HBA connector type you're using. Make sure that the SCSI chain is properly terminated (HP's product info for the enclosure will have information about termination). Check to make sure that the SCSI device ID of the/each tape drive is unique (not shared by another device).

If none of that works, your SCSI cable may be bad -- I've seen it happen more than once. Find a known-good cable to try.

If the above and a reboot don't work, repost here with an exact list of the HW and OS you're using, including HBA model, manufacturer and type, number of SDLT drives and their SCSI ID, etc.
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