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Re: LTFS StoreOpen - Windows Command Line Operations

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LTFS StoreOpen - Windows Command Line Operations

Currently on HPE StoreOpen Standalone 3.3.0, with a couple HPE LTO Ultrium-8 and Ultrium-6 drives.

Although the "LTFS Configuration" GUI utility works fine, I would prefer the command line utility for scripting purposes.  This ships with a Windows command-line application ltfs.exe, however after consulting the "advanecd help" via the ltfs -a command, I am still unable to figure out how to do any of the following:

  • Mount an inserted cartridge to a drive letter
  • Determine the density of the mounted tape (LTO 6, 8, etc)
  • Extract the LTFS schema/index from the mounted tape
  • Physically eject cartridge

For example, if I'm trying to unmount and physically eject an LTFS cartridge mounted to drive G:, I tried this command (which is likely incorrect)...

ltfs G: unmount

...but any such commands I issue result in the following error message in the cmd window:

ERROR: Running as a console only supported in debug mode.

What is the best way to go about performing the actions I mentioned in the bulleted list above, via the command line?

Occasional Contributor

Re: LTFS StoreOpen - Windows Command Line Operations