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MSL 2024 errors

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MSL 2024 errors

I have a msl2024 tapeloader that is giving me fits.I keep getting this error, i have ran cleaning tapes,
dell r200
server08r2 64bit
acronis bu& recovery adv server
laoder connected via sas raid controller

10.07.18 13:53:19.56 Attention: Drive Warn or Crit Tape Alert flag
Event Code: 0x84 - tape alert
Element number: 0x01, 1
Drive number: 0x01, 1
Tape Alert Flag: 0x06, 6

This message was generated automatically from
HP MSL2024
Serial Number : MXA8301066
IP Address : http:X.X.XX
Firmware Revision : 4.90
Library Name : FLXE7DD8E

I am also told that that of this is covered under warranty, and part is not. If this is not where do a find a HP authorized repair center to fix this so i can get this back in warranty.

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Re: MSL 2024 errors

Connect to the web interface of the library FLXE7DD8E and have a lok into the logs. Use LTT and do a drive assessment test, then pull a support ticket.

Hope this helps!

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Re: MSL 2024 errors

Tape Alert flag 6 is a Write Failure which is pretty serious. As Torsten indicates you need to load L&TT and run a device assessment test on drive 1.

You should try several different tapes and see if the drive is having problems writing to one tape or several tapes.