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msl 2024 mis-scanning tapes

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msl 2024 mis-scanning tapes

I have 4 MSL 2024 tape libraries and I am using them with StoreOpen Automation. I have noticed that even with the new machine, it sometimes scans in the barcodes wrong with the initial mount and inventory. Obviously it wont let me write to said tape because the machine cannot refind that barcode. this happens randomly and the 4 tape libraries that I am using all have different firmware and are all on different machines. I have tried opening up the machines and using a can of air duster on them, but it doesnt seem to help all the way, it does seem to reduce the occurances, but it is not eliminating them. Any ideas?

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Re: msl 2024 mis-scanning tapes

>> all have different firmware


What version?

Version 6.40 is current.

Hope this helps!

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