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MSL6480 Tape Library, Monitoring

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MSL6480 Tape Library, Monitoring

Hi Guys,

I am busy looking into setting up dashboards and monitoring for our Tape Libraries and the one I am looking into specifically is the MSL6480. I see there is an ability to use SNMP traps to at least get alerts that are generated by the device. But is there any way to directly view the Logs of the Device. I see there is a nifty Event Viewer -like feature were you can view events that were raised and they get cleared once they have been resolved. 

This is a littile more useful for me as then our monitoring can see the alerts being cleared.

So for an example:

  1. Library Experiences a Load Failure
  2. Library Opens an Error Event
  3. Our tool which will monitor every 15  minutes will see the Event and notify us.
  4. Either the issue clears itself or we resolve the issue
  5. Library Marks the Event as Resolved
  6. Our tool will see that the Event is resolved and stop alerting

While yes we can manually close the alert from an SNMP Trap, but If it resolves itself and updates our alerter, we dont have to be woken up in the middle of the night.

If there is no solution, its fine we can deal with SNMP, but seeing other solutions, even if its not what I had in mind above is welcome for us to look into.




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Re: MSL6480 Tape Library, Monitoring

Maybe insight remote support can help you?


Hope this helps!

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