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MSL 4048 + 2024 Extender Drivers Issue

Occasional Advisor

MSL 4048 + 2024 Extender Drivers Issue



We are currently running the following setup:


HP DL 380 G6 running Server 2008 R2 Data Center

ATTO ExpressPCI UL5D LP SCSI Dual Adapter

MSL 4048 + MSL 2024 connected via an extender

Commvault Simpana 8.0


We installed the extender 6 months ago, and was working fine up until a few weeks ago.  It suddenly lost connectivtiy with the tape library half way through a backup.  I managed to reboot the server and tape library a few times and it started talking again.


Logged a call with HP support, who suggested I update all the the firmware and drivers for the tape library, tape drives and the SCSI HBA.  Which I have done.  Ever since then I haven't been able to get the library talking to Commvault at all.


With all the drivers installed, HP Library and Tape Tools complains that it can't speak to the library as it's in use, if I use the latest driver package to uninstall ALL the drivers, HP LTT can see the library and both drives no problems, obviously Commvault wont work without the drivers.


I have tried removing all the drivers, reverting back to older versions, even reverting the firmware on the tape library but with no success.


Seems if I totally reinstalled the server this might resolve the issue as it seems software related, but this is not ideal as the backups are currently working to the magnetic library also attached to this server.


Any ideas on how I can resolve the software conflict?