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Need to Print out some Bar Code Labels

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Need to Print out some Bar Code Labels

I just get my new L6 drives and Tapes for our MSL2024 but when the tapes arrived they had no Barcode labels on them or in the box that they came in ........ I would like to be able to create those labels and I figure that there has to be somehow that I can print out those Bar code Labels so that I can actually use these tapes.    Is there anyone that can point me to a link so that I can use my new drives?


Scott Pierson



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Re: Need to Print out some Bar Code Labels

Please see basic Do's and Don'ts at the end of this document...


Looks like you'll have to buy 'proper' ones.



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Re: Need to Print out some Bar Code Labels

Part # Q2013A - 100 pack of data cartridge + 10 cleaning cartridge labels


The downside is, these are not custom labels - they are a sequential sequence, and they're guaranteed to be a unique sequence that HP has never printed ever before (at least not as part of these non-custom label packs or as part of non-custom labeled pre-labeled tapes).


If you order Q2013A for your current tapes, after you run out of labels in this sequence, you can order LTO6 tapes in a 20 pack with custom labels using part # C7976AL, and specify to your HP Authorized Reseller what sequence of numbers you want to use (typically, the next sequential number from the last label of the last batch of tapes you used).


If maintaining sequence between batches of tape orders isn't important to you, you can also use part # C7976AN to order a 20-pack of pre-labeled tapes that will be non-custom labels (i.e. they'll be a new unique sequence).


Of course, if you don't want/need to buy your tapes in 20 packs, continue to order part # C7976A for individual tapes, and just buy a new part # Q2013A pack of barcode labels every 100 tapes you buy. (HP doesn't offer, at least as far as I'm aware, customizing the sequence on standalone label purchases, though, so every 100 tapes you'd have a change in numbering sequence.)


Hope this info helps!  Note all part #s referenced above are LTO-6 specific, including the bar codes.  If you need previous versions of LTO, see the quickspec on Ultrium Media for part #s:

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Re: Need to Print out some Bar Code Labels

The link in thread is broken. Here is the new download link -

Found on this page with other technical white papers -
Expand the “Resources” section to “Show More”. You should see the document - ‘Bar code and RFID labels for HPE tape automation with HPE bar code labels in a highly effective tape management system technical white paper’

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