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Recovery of Cell Manager


Recovery of Cell Manager

OK, I'm stupid or something. I have dug throught the PDF documents and can't find a procedure for recovering the cell manager. I want to make sure I'm getting everhthing backed up off the cell manager so I can recover it, and I want to document the recover process for our environment. I think it may be as simple as rebuilding a new server, importing a backup tape and then restore the Internal database. I know there are some othter files needed as well like OmniBack\Config\Server\Datalists but I don't see it documented anywhere. I know I just can't find the proper PDF file. Can you pont me the the right place? Thanks
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Re: Recovery of Cell Manager

The "HP Open View Storage Data protector Disaster Recovery Guide" covers the restore of the cell manager. The restore of a cell manager info is sprinkled in with a regular system restore. You will probably have to read the whole document to make sure you pick up everything for your environment.