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Serious Issue- Tape Drive Problem

New Member

Serious Issue- Tape Drive Problem


I would like to bring to your attention what I consider very poor customer service and a complete lack of ability to solve a common hardware issue with the Tape Drive. As, CEO and President, I believe that you should be aware of this situation, and I hope that you may be the person that can actually help me. I have long been a customer of HP and considered HP to have a reputation for quality, which makes my current experiences all the more unfortunate.

I am from Karachi - Pakistan and last 4 months before we purchased a Tape Drive for our company and after some time it was some faulty and we claimed for warranty but still 90 days to be completed, nobody can give me any proper answer.

Is in this forum, can anybody help me this serious issue.

Please provide me Mr.Mark Hurd CEO email address i want to talk them directly becuase nobody is here to help me, even was contact country manager but still have a problem.

Please provide me Mr.Mark Hurd CEO email address.


Saeed Khan,
Sr. Network & Webhost Engineer,
Plexus (Pvt) Ltd,
Occasional Advisor

Re: Serious Issue- Tape Drive Problem

Saeed Khan,

Are u sure, u are Plexus CEO?