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Re: Retention period with MS SQL cataylst plug-in

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Retention period with MS SQL cataylst plug-in

Hello HPE Community,

We’re currently using a 3rd party app to backup our production databases as a flat file to a CIFS share on the StoreOnce, however, we would like to cutover and utilize the SQL catalyst plug-in and Catalyst stores for better performance. Reading through the SQL plug-in documentation, the retention period setting has the max values of 7 days (daily), 30 days (weekly) and 180 days (monthly). How does one overcome this if they would like to keep the daily, weekly, and monthly on the catalyst store for much longer retention period, in our case is 4 months for each?


Re: Retention period with MS SQL cataylst plug-in


The retention period you read is for the audit logs on the store, it has nothing to do with Your Data.

Retention periods are configured within the application or the plugin, the retention there is for how long we keep track of audit info, so you can keep the DATA for a longer time.



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