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11.5 Storage Upgrade - Offline

Occasional Visitor

11.5 Storage Upgrade - Offline

Looking to upgrade 4530 storage from to latest version.

Since the site has unstable internet, I used CMC on a seperate PC to download all 20GB of files, the CMC on site only tries to download 6.7GB.

Is there a way to tell what files I need to transfer? 6.7GB will be far easier than 20GB. 

Seems that 4530 not in the same category as P4500 so there's no Gen2 and therefore 12.7 direct upgrade is supported. Would I only need the SANiQ_12.7.00.0226_20170420_all.upgrade file?

New Member

Re: 11.5 Storage Upgrade - Offline

Hello Martin,


Hope you are doing well.

I have replied to you over email for this query.

We will have to first upgrade to 12.5 from 11.5 and then onto 12.7.

It is best to copy all the files (mainly all.upgrade  of 12.5 as well)  downloaded so CMC can select the files it needs for the upgrade.


Please feel free to get back for any assistance, will gladly pitch in.



Ganesh Pai

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Re: 11.5 Storage Upgrade - Offline

Attempted to copy .all.upgrade files for 12.6, 12.7 and 12.8. As soon as I put them in the download folder, it deletes them. This only happens when CMC is running and logged into the management system.

Files for 12.0 and 12.5 are still there. Maybe it's deleting them due to a CRC error, no information logged sadly.

*Update* confirmed CRC mismatch so left his post incase anyone experiences the same issue.