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Re: Licensing Issue

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Licensing Issue

Hi Guys,

We have a number of P4500 SANs, most of which were purchased in the old lefthand days (pre HP takeover).


One of our SANs in a two node cluster, developed a faulty motherboard. My company have a hardware agreement with HP so we sourced a new MB and replaced it.


Now the license is invalid :(


We currently are renewing support on the SAN, but after ringing HP they tell me its a DL320s not a Lefthand SAN, give them the SAN serial no.


Trouble is this was bought way way way back, in Lefthand days.....there wasnt a SAN serial no, just the hardware serial no.

I'm keeping trying but any ideas will be helpfull.


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Re: Licensing Issue

Hi Paul,

We had a license issue too with old - pre HP - storage nodes (slightly different - I missed a license conversion mail or this mail was not send). New licenses were generated but it took a lot of time and - I must say - a lot of cooperation of the HP personel in our country. 

To cheer you up: they have the software to generate the keys somewhere.





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Re: Licensing Issue



Have you tried this? Send an email to


Tell them "Please transfer the SANiQ license from <old MAC address> to <new MAC address> for product <insert product number>.


I use the above method and never have any problems. I used to put the order number in the title of the email, but the last couple of times I did not and they still generated a new license key for me.