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Re: NTP Configuration Status is 'Misconfigured'

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Occasional Contributor

NTP Configuration Status is 'Misconfigured'

2xP4500G2's, 1 vSphere OVF VSA.  All on (and current per the CMC Update Checker).


I already have the cluster's NTP setting pointed at two AD servers that they are connected to (that in turn are connected to NTP servers).


My only alarm is this:



Severity: Warning

Component: Storage System

Object Type: Configuration Check

Object Name: NTP


The Resolution section links to the 'Online Event Resolution Help' (which links to this: )


And doesn't turn up any results; tossing the search term 'E02000203' into Google and Bing don't turn anything up either.


Wondering if anyone knows why it is still complaining or where in the guide(s) I can find the 'proper' NTP config so it will stop alerting.


Thanks in advance for your help!

Trusted Contributor

Re: NTP Configuration Status is 'Misconfigured'

Clear all your settings.

Close the CMC down and make sure the values are empty, sometimes they dont clear!!

Open the CMC and double check the NTP setting is empty.

Make sure you can ping the each NTP server from the nodes, you can do this by right clicking then pinging.

If you are using jumbos make sure you set the packet size to something above 1500.

If all checks out close the CMC again

Now add back your settings see if it goes away.


Occasional Contributor

Re: NTP Configuration Status is 'Misconfigured'

Immediately after putting the settings in, it had an alert that it was misconfigured (after connecting to both) - but after it sat for a bit, it cleared up.

Thanks for the help!