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StoreVirtual VSA deployment structure

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StoreVirtual VSA deployment structure

Dear All,


I have some questions towards planning my company's solution on StoreVirtual VSA.

Please anyone can help me answer the question below:


1. Is it a "must" for StoreVirtual VSA to be installed on hypervisor? Is it possible to be installed on an x86 server without Virtualiztion (Only installed one OS and VSA)? If not, is there any other HP product can?


2. How many centralized Management Console needs to be installed for a cluster of VSA? Can I installed more than one? If so, how are the management & fail over arrangement for the CMCs?


Thx so much for your help!!

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Re: StoreVirtual VSA deployment structure


1) VSA must be installed on hypervisor preferably VMware (works much better) you can use ESXi free license if you have only the VSA installed. officially it is not supported but it works ( only add the license after you install VSA).

other option is hardware P4000 which is an appliance. does the same job.

2) CMC can be installed any where that has connection to VSA management network it is not necessary for VSA to work and is only for management. it does not hold any information and you can install as many as you like.



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Re: StoreVirtual VSA deployment structure

you can use hyper-v server as well as an alternative free supported hypervisor, but VSA is "Virtual storage appliance"...  the first word it the name is a pretty good clue that the VSA instance needs to be a VM.


As for the qustion about CMC...  CMC is really the management INTERFACE.  You can setup and configure using the CLI and never install CMC anywhere.  Not sure how upgrades are handled using only CLI, but my point is more that CMC doesn't need to be running anywhere for the VSAs to be operating.  The VSAs have their OS running on them and talk to eachother and CMC is really just there as a program to run on a desktop to provide a UI for the admin to monitor and make changes to the system.  For example, I have two different sites that each have their own management group, but I have only one install of CMC on a laptop that is not connected to either SAN directly and I have no problem managing both systems.


Re: StoreVirtual VSA deployment structure

You can choose between three hypervisors: VMware, Hyper-V or Linux KVM.

The Linux KVM support is currently limited to RHEL 6.6 or CentOS 6.6.