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SV3200 FOM controller won't start - creates iscsiprt errors?

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SV3200 FOM controller won't start - creates iscsiprt errors?

Hi all,

We thought we had eliminated almost all iscsiprt errors sofar.. But yesterday there was again a strange incidence. Our FOM stopped working. The Storage System gives green in the SVMC but the FOM Storage Controller does not start. Before it was just a matter of stopping additional started agents on the SV3200 and then rebooting the FOM..  Doesn;t work anymore.

We tried restoring a backup and reinstalling the FOM again. As an aside removing the FOM from the management group does not work, not from the Hyper-V FOM Interface  and not from the SV3200 SVMC.

Yesterday I tried again stopping an additional agent on one of the SV3200 and then rebooting the FOM. On every SV3200 node only one controller agent  active and then rebootng the FOM. The FOM Storange Controller does not beceome active. The Storage System is connected, green and can be pinged from the SV3200.   

As It did not come online I restarted a second agent on one of the nodes to have quorum and left the FOM running. 

Within 3 minutes iscsiprt errors started and after about 1,5 hour one of the volumes became inaccessible from the Hyper V FOC W2012 R2 hosts.. It took us a reboot of every W2012 R2 FOC node to get the system stable again. After reboot the FOM was not automatically started and I did not start it anymore..  

Going over the logs analysing the situation for a cause  I can only see the FOM being started and the problems starting from there. 

We are on version



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Re: SV3200 FOM controller won't start - creates iscsiprt errors?


Sorry for the delay in response .

I need logs to comment further to this situation explained by you .




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