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Testinstallation VSA no accessible via CMC

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Testinstallation VSA no accessible via CMC

Hi everybody.

Can somebody help me or tell me where I can get support on this issue.


PDF enclosed to get a better understanding.


I am doing a testinstallation of VSA on Hyper-V for one of our customers, to show him the benefits.

Installed Version

Hyper-V Host: ProLiant DL380 G5 running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1


we configured an isolated iSCSI untagged VLAN on the switch and connected the Hyper-V Host with one network card

this subnet configured as 192.168.10.x with fixed IP address


connected Hyper-V virtual network manager to this network without managing OS on this NIC.


installed VSA on HV01 using this NIC and having fixed IP address of


installed CMC on HV01.


I cannot connect to VSA via CMC.

I cannot ping VSA from HV01 ( ->


I connected AX03 (running on Hyper-V server HV02) to the VLAN with the second NIC and configured fixed IP address of


I can ping from AX03 to HV01 ( ->

I can ping from HV01 to AX03 ( ->

I cannot ping from AX03 to VSA8 (192.1678.10.41 ->


I configured VLAN on Switch with fixed Ip address


I can ping from AX03 and HV01 to VLAN ip address.

I can ping from switch to AX03 and HV01.

I cannot ping from switch to VSA8.


So something is wrong with VSA.


At the moment the subnet 192.4.23.x is for servers, printers, desktops and laptops. this is defineitly no good range but will be redesigned as well.

So we thougth it will be a good idea to have completely isolated iSCI network.


Maybe on a single switch or as a VLAN. Dont know so far.




No GW.


Is this the reason?

If have definitely no idea



help is appreciated to get further with that and give our customer a good solution.




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Re: Testinstallation VSA no accessible via CMC

Sounds like a network config problem.


I assume you are more comfortable with windows, so I would suggest you setup a windows VM and play around with it on the same configuration as your VSA on the host.


For what its worth, I bet your problem is VLAN tagging.  I use hyper-V and I set my switch port to TAG the vlan and then I set the VLAN tagging on my VSA to match.  I know that work.


Do you have much experiance with VLANS?  I know it took me a while to sort that one out as it gets confusing.


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Re: Testinstallation VSA no accessible via CMC

Thank you very much for that hint.

I tagged the ports on the switch.

tagged the Virtual Network Adapters of the Guests and everything was fine.


So VSA cannot deal with the untagged VLAN


thx once more.



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Re: Testinstallation VSA no accessible via CMC

it isn't a matter of the VSA handling tagged or untagged.  The VSAs don't technically handle VLANs at all.  You handle the VLAN at the hypervisor level.  I wouldn't call this a limitation of the VSA because a properly configured VLAN setup works 100% with the VSAs.


As I said, VLANs get confusing so you are going to have to do a lot more playing around with them, or find someone who already went through it.  I must have read every article I could on the subject a dozen times and it still took me pulling out some switches and playing around with it before it actually clicked.  If I were you, I would definitely get more comfortable with VLANs before deploying them for a customer.