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2824 VLAN Multicast

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2824 VLAN Multicast


I have following Problem to get our Network working with VLAN and routing.

We have 8 subnet's we want to migrate from our Netware Server to the 2824 Switch.

We have also done the migration with VLAN and Routing to the Switch, but we have problems with Multicast.

After migration we are not able to login to the Novell Server via SLP. SLP is configured to Multicast.

Routing between the VLAN's was ok.

Is the 2824 able to this?

What configuration must I set to get SLP working on the VLAN's?


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Re: 2824 VLAN Multicast

multicast packet similar broadcast packet

multicast packet easily move L2 enviroment

but if you can want send other vlan or other network multicast packet must be PIM protocol (PIM is a routing protocol for multicast)
2824 not support PIM only 3500 ,5400,8212 switch support PIM with premium edge license

unable multicast routing 2824 switch

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Re: 2824 VLAN Multicast

if can I true understand
SLP (service location protocol)use UDP packet

may be must test this several command
first commad

config)# ip udp-bcast-forward

and test

second commad
config)# ip directed-broadcast

and test

please say me result

may it be easy


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Re: 2824 VLAN Multicast

for example

your Netware server in vlan 1 ip address

your SLP server in vlan 2 ip address

SLP flood on network multicast frame with udp

ip udp-bcast-forward
vlan 2
ip forward-protocol udp 427
<427 is a port number>

in this way send to have this port number applicaiton packet other vlan