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760wl and DHCP

New Member

760wl and DHCP

I am having major problems configuring our 760wl so that my clients can obtain and ip address from the 760wl dhcp service.

After configuring the uplink ip address/subnet & gateway. I plugged 3 computers into 3 of the downlink ports.

I see all 3 machines in my client status page along with their computer names. However all of them have the 169.254.X.X ip address because they can't get an ip from the 760wl.

Am I missing something here? I have all my access policies set for NAT and Require DHCP.

Something else is interesting: When I place a sniffer on the network, I see the dhcp request packet generated from my client. I also see a dhcp server request sent back to my client with an ip address to use, but my client never accepts it, it issues another dhcp request over and over until timeout. This is happening on all my clients.

I can enter a static ip address and I can authenticate with the 760wl fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Randy Haley