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Cisco 3650G + DL380 Etherchannel problems

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Cisco 3650G + DL380 Etherchannel problems

I try to connect Cisco 3650G and DL380 by 2Gb channel. Make ether-channel at Cisco. Put ether-channel in trunk mode. Almost everything is OK, but Netlogon produced 5719 error (GPO is not work, domain user-relayed services not start, Exchange 2007 produced many error). Try everything from http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?eventid=5719&eventno=104&source=NETLOGON&phase=1. Install new drivers from HP. Not help.
Ok. Change ether-channel mode to access like Cisco recommended (http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk389/tk213/technologies_configuration_example09186a008089a821.shtml). After restart network is not work. HP Network Team Utility and Cisco show that all interfaces are up and everything is work. But I can’t ping any computer in network. Pull out/insert jacks in switch and everything is work. But I can’t reinsert jack after each server reboot.
Could somebody recommend something else or robust 2 gb-channel between Hp DL380 and Cisco 3560G is not possible.
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Re: Cisco 3650G + DL380 Etherchannel problems

Hi Viacheslav,

you're doing this with an LACP port-channel interface on the Cisco side and LACP teaming on the DL380 side hopefully? I haven't had issues with that so far, but there is a lot of variance here with DL380 generations (I haven't tested this yet with G5) and Cisco IOS versions (though I cannot remember a bad one that would bork on LACP).

Just remember that 802.3 link aggregation will not give you the n-fold bandwidth except in a statistical way. Details depend on the number of MAC addresses in use on both sides of the aggregate.