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Error on ROUTER


Error on ROUTER

Test_Lab#sh ver

ProCurve Secure Router 7203dl

SROS Version: J06.07.00

Checksum: 714D7D7E, built on: Mon Apr 09 09:39:36 2007

Boot ROM version J05.02

Checksum: D347, built on: Mon May 15 09:32:21 2006

Copyright (c) 2006-2005, Hewlett-Packard, Co.

Platform: ProCurve Secure Router 7203dl

Serial number US509TS083

Flash: 33554432 bytes DRAM: 268435455 bytes

System uptime is 5 days, 21 hours, 4 minutes, 53 seconds

Current system image: "J06_07_00.biz"

Current configuration-file: "startup-config"

Configured system image path:

Primary: "J06_07_00.biz"

Configured configuration-file path:

Primary: "startup-config"

Core: bufiddatapath.c#1749: AdFatal(freeb: bad db_ref StackTrc: 00010B8C 00010C2C 00005CD8 00006590 00355ED8 00359E84 00359DA4 00011CBC 00011E38 0000FA7C 00B8A7BC 00B8AB9C 00012DC4 00000000 ...)

I am getting above mentioned error (Core: bufidda ....) can any one help me what is that i tried all my option..


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Re: Error on ROUTER

Where did you get the software version (J.06.07) from? The latest version is listed as J.06.06 on the ProCurve website.

Your boot ROM is older J.05.02 than current (J.06.06), so I might try upgrading that as there may be a mismatch. For certain software versions upgrading the boot code as well is mandatory.

In fact generally speaking, your software versions don't match what is on the website for what is current or previously available.

J8753A Router 7203dl

Current: 2 Feb 2007
Software: J.06.06
Boot code: J.06.06

Previous: 24 Oct 2006
Software: J.06.03
Boot code: J.06.03

Have you contacted support? And if so, what was their response?