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Flex-10 port trunking active/active

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Flex-10 port trunking active/active



We have a c7000 enclosure with Flex-10 modules (firmware 3.60) loaded in Bay 1,2,5 and 6 and a Netapp which should be connected to the Flex-10 modules using SPF+.


We connect controller port 1 of the Netapp to port X3 on bay 1 and controller port 2 on the Netapp to port X3 on bay 3 to have full redundancy. Both X3 ports are in a Shared Uplink Set.


My problem: The Netapp is configured Active/Active but VC puts on of the connections on standby, causing no fault tolerance and loadbalancing possible.


Anyone here an idea how to solve this issue?

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Re: Flex-10 port trunking active/active

The VC modules don't support fully active LACP between 2 different VC modules yet. If you create an LACP SUS across 2 VC modules, all the ports in one module will be marked as standby. This provides some HA - if all the ports in the first VC module go offline, the second VC module will take over.


There is plenty of doco about the VC modules and how to configure them with a variety of upstream devices. The cookbooks in particular are excellent, but if you are just starting with VC, there is also a "VC for Dummies" that starts from the beginning.


The cookbooks show how to set up SUS pairs that allow load-sharing and more efficient HA.