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Flex-10 VC, mapping and tunneling vlans

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Flex-10 VC, mapping and tunneling vlans

Hi everyone,

I got a situation here: We have several Blades running ESX with vSwitches. We have a lot of vswitches and they are all connected to the same FlexNIC and get seperated using VLAN tags.

I have a shared uplink set in my VC configuration and all (20) of my vlans are configured to be able to use the shared uplink.

Here's the problem: I tried to configure more than 28 vlans on a Flex-10 nic and i received the error that no more than 28 vnets are allowed.

I looked up the documentation and my vlan tags are being 'mapped'. Is it correct the tags needs to be tunneled in order to use more than 28 vlan id's?

1) If so, do i need to poweroff all the Blades in order to change it?

2) The uplinks are connected to a procurve trunk which accepts the tagged packets. Can i use this 'tunnel vlan mode' in my setup?

Best regards,