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Re: Help with VLAN configuration needed

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Help with VLAN configuration needed


I need your help configuring some I have never used 802.1q VLAN tags, as I have never needed them so far. Only some port based VLANs. But now we are getting a new building where VOIP phones will be used. And everybody says: "Hey, you need a Voice VLAN".

You can see the hardware setup on the Attachment.

So according to some forums, configuration guides, I need the following:

- 1 Management VLAN
- 1 Data VLAN for each one that is not 802.1x authenticated will fall back in that normal data VLAN
- more Data VLANs, people only should get into only, if they are authenticated with 802.1x
- 1 Voice VLAN, IP phones have to be authenticated with 802.1x to get into that VLAN
- the same VLANs between both HP 5400zl routers
- Management VLAN should have highest priority, then Voice VLAN

That new configuration would be only within the "New Building "Z", so starting with "Building "A" ", there is no more Voice VLAN, neither a Management VLAN.
But here, the Voice data should also be priorized.

It would be great, if you could provide me with some examples or links.

thanks in advance

Re: Help with VLAN configuration needed

hi, see these link there are some examples.

Frequent Advisor

Re: Help with VLAN configuration needed


thanks for your help. This will help a lot.